Bike to work with insurance


Participating in honor of National Bike To Work Day now are a number of significant data pro our two-wheeled shipping enthusiasts:

The integer of cyclists commuting by bike increased by 64 percent among 2000 and 2012, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
An estimated 900,000 U.S. Workers rode a bike to perform in 2015, up from 730,000 in 2010, Census data reveals
Bicyclists accounted pro 2 percent of all traffic deaths and 2 percent of all crash-related injuries in 2014. Bicyclist deaths occurred a good number often in urban areas (71 percent)
If your bike is stolen or damaged it will be covered under the own property section of your homeowners or renters insurance policies
If you own a particularly expensive bicycle, you might be looking for to consider getting an endorsement to will provide added coverage, advises the I.I.I.
If you injure someone in a bicycle accident and you urge sued, present is liability protection under your homeowners or renters insurance statement to will cover you up to the limits of your statement
Your homeowners or renters insurance additionally includes no-fault health coverage in the event you injure someone

Check outmoded added I.I.I. In turn on bicycle safety and insurance now.


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