Quick Fix: 3 Ways to Remove Pet Hair


Pumice stones be successful finest on floor covering, Apartment Therapy says.

Step 1: Grab a pumice pebble.
Step 2: Test it by gently friction it on a small, ideally hidden, dot of your carpet or mat, such as under your couch.
Step 3: Once you’ve tested it and resolute it’s safe on your carpet, rub the pebble around to hear pet wool.

Dryer sheets are ideal on behalf of clothing, according to Apartment Therapy.

Step 1: Pull away from home a clean dryer sheet.
Step 2: Test whether it will leave some deposit by friction it on a small dot on the underside of your clothes.
Step 3: After you’ve resolute it’s safe on your fabric, rub it gently across your clothing to pick up pet wool.

Rubber or latex gloves can help remove wool on upholstery, Real Simple says.

Step 1: Put on a two of a kind of clean rubber or latex gloves.
Step 2: Wet your gloved offer under the faucet so the glove is damp but not dripping.
Step 3: Make in no doubt your couch’s material is strong and unaffected by to run destruction. Then rub your damp gloved offer along your upholstery to hear pet wool.


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